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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 41916  SFGTV  April 23, 2016 6:30pm-10:06pm PDT

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[chain saw whirring] [growling] listen, you are extremely terrifying-- just the scariest undead thing on tv, and i really mean that. i am worried that you could give my kids nightmares if they see you, so i'm gonna have to block you. [sighs] so, that's it. oh, and tell the zombies they're blocked, too. >> pilaties. it's a creation, an old regimen of exercise. really based on core engagement and core structure and core development. we do a lot of
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exercise in developing that and think about lengthening of the spine and our muscles. if you're a runner, if you're into kayaking, martial arts, cycling pilates are for you. >> programs are variety year around at various locations and to learn more come to the test. >> >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the regular meeting of the board of supervisors for thursday,
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march 17, 2016, madam clerk call the roll. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar not present supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam president we have quorum thank you ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all thank you madam clerk any consumption.
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>> there are no communications to report madam president colleagues, any changes to the march 15, 2016 regularly meeting minutes or the 2016 budget & finance committee minutes seeing none, is there a motion to approve motion by supervisor farrell and supervisor avalos colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. those meeting minutes pass after. madam clerk please read our first item the special order the postpones by the honorable mayor ed lee there being no questions submitted in the board of supervisors from the district the mayor may address the board up to 5 minutes >> welcome mayor ed lee please. thank you good afternoon supervisor breed and good afternoon to the public in attendance yesterday we commemorated the one and 10 anniversary the
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earthquake and fire that destroyed our city i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to extend our thoughts and concerns to the people of japan and ecuador they grapple with the disastrous san francisco stands ready to support any international sausages effort to help those countries recover and right now the best way to provide aid to provide aid make a donation to the rebuttal organizations like the disastrous from the rooshd we must always be prepared not if but when the next disaster will strict whether on earthquake or smoking gun simon anything human made can happen without warming
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up or warning that that is important to be ready he urge all san franciscans to visit sf to make a plan and prepare your families as a aide we're making investments to make sure our is reintensity it is xril our water and police and fire stations and hypotheticals o hazard could respond if no the emergencies from the zuckerberg's hospital to the public safety building to the upgraded police and fire stations we upgrading overseeing facilities to be ready and working together i know he with, make san francisco the most resilient not nation i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to update you on american people topic from residents throughout the city and again, that topic is homelessness in san francisco we have some of
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the best programs and services and because of that we now have over 20 thousand people living in doors over the basis dedicated but we must do admonish too many people that live under the freeways and tents and the sidewalks not acceptable never healthy or safe and not healthy for the neighborhoods that's why i pledge over the next 4 years the city will help 8 thousand people off the streets and into housing and services for good and one of the ways through the navigation center and for that model the first in the moiblth over a year ago and a year later 4. people move permanently off the streets with the partnering with the community housing
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partnerships to open another navigation center at the civic center hotel within an additional 93 beds today, i just toured to see the progress i'm looking forward to going back in june on june 1st to welcome the clients there the navigation center it an important piece in addressing the homeless country's that creating permanent housing is important that's why we are opening up two hundreds additional units of supportive housing i'm confident moving forward are progressive approaches think mental health with a simple department to cooperate the efforts we make homelessness a rare where we live and one time thank you, supervisors. >> thank you to the public. >> thank you, mr. mayor for being with us today now we'll move to our regular agenda
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starting with our consent madam clerk can you please read the consent agenda. >> items one to 1 are use of cell phones, similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. >> supervisor peskin thank you members and colleagues we want to commend thank the city attorney's office for the first batch that input that accommodated a request on a and capability of the government audit committee to set forth in the ancestor text underneath the settlements involve as you can see item six the lawsuit is an employment dispute heretofore no information for the public to understand what the settlements were about i want to extend any thanks to dennis herrera and a our attorney john gibner, deputy city attorney for that request
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can easily see what every single settlement is about. >> they'll be as outraged how supervisor farrell's supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> those items are finally passed on the first reading and adapted unanimously next item. >> item 16 an ordinance to approve an agreement e amendment for the transbay project area to increase the maximum height limit to 4 hundred feet on block one with zone one of the transbay area and making
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environmental vnthsd under ceqa. >> okay supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor president breed. >> i made my comments on the project last week i have one amendment technical amendment to make to the resolution to acknowledge the written objections raised both the written and responses by ocii will be incorporated into the board file colleagues, i ask your support on approval of that zion e zoning change and another project we'll build for middle-income in the city and county of san francisco. >> okay. so supervisor kim that's a motion to reflect the responses from. >> yeah. >> thank you. is there a
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second. >> sshthd by supervisor yee colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the mainstream passes anonymously on the stem as amended can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. it is passed on the first reading unanimously next item. >> >> item 17 an ordinance to amend the plan by rising the plan to include a statement that the proposed bulk district between main and first street and a portion one of the transbay project shall be consistent with the transbay development controls and make the predicament finding. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance is finally passed unanimously next item. >> >> item 18 an ordinance to exempt the troubling donor
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for the tobacco sales ordinance on the issuance of a permit for the new location for the prohibitions an ierns supervisorial with 45 or more and issuing the permit to a tobacco shop. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president and colleagues and thank you all for voting for that on first reading last week i've been alerted by the city attorney we need a few more amendments as you can see that i just passed around to all of you those amendments at think on page 2 a new subparagraph d and subparagraph are g i'd like to move those amendments and refer this back to committee sprooelg at the land use has agreed to
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schedule it on monday and send it back on tuesday to those changes that have should have been in the first draft. >> supervisor peskin made a motion to amend and back to committee second by supervisor avalos can we take this we'll take that without objection. and send back to committee passed unanimously next item please. >> item 9. >> is an ordinance to appropriate approximately three hundred and 43 through these for the grant and administrative costs for the business registry and historic preservation commission in the office of small business commission in the mayor's office of economic workforce development in fiscal year 2015-2016. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passes unanimously on first reading next item. >> item 20 an ordinance to amend the building permit to have
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building facade maintenance program and establish a fee to compensate the department for review and related evaluation processing and to make appropriate findings. >> supervisor wiener. >> after we do this i motion the next - >> i'm not speaking to this item i have a motion to resend. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? 20 we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading supervisor kim. >> just kidding supervisor wiener. >> i move to resend the vote on item 19. >> okay supervisor wiener has making made a motion to resend the vote on item 19 is there a second. >> sixth district by supervisor cowen colleagues we'll take that without objection. that passes
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unanimously supervisor wiener do you want to make comments on item 19. >> i've defer to the chair and budget committee. >> supervisor farrell we want to make sure that out of respect for the motion a one way committee switched to the reserve that's an appropriate way to handle the reserve i want to make sure we confirm and acknowledge ask supervisor avalos for this oar colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance is passes unanimously on the first reading madam clerk call item 21. >> item 21 a resolution to approve modifications number one to the notifying use granting the early interpretation between u.s. airways inc. and the airport commission.
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>> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 22. >> item 22 to approve the lease and use agreement between contest airway and limited though the airport with an estimate rent of seven hundred and $50,000 for the executive use and landing fees for the lease through june 30th, 2021, same house, same call? that is adapted unanimously. >> item 23. >> a resolution to approve an emergency public works contract continue the pilot construction management inc. for the hanger emergency fire watch and the fire suspension retrofit in an amount not to exceed $4.4 million same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously
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item 24. >> item 24 a resolution to retroactively to accept a gift if sister could with 4 three hundred and 54 thousand to provide internet service to san francisco. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 25. >> item 25 a resolution to authorize the san francisco department of the environment to accept a gift from solar international for 3 solar powder the question vehicle charges same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. it is adopted anonymously can you please call items 26 and 27 together and item 26 and 27 to receive and approve 3 annual reports for the fisherman's wharf portside community
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district and the ocean avenue community benefit for all 32014-2015 same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolutions are adopted - before we supervisor avalos excuse me - >> i put my name on item 28 so - >> yeah. >> without objection their adopted unanimously item 28. >> an ordinance for two locations her harrison street and amazon in honor of the jerry garcia with a waiver of fees and directing the furtherance of the ordinance. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor breed i was eager to vote on that. >> jerry. >> i put my name on the stack i want to appreciate supervisor cowen for this ordinance i'll
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amend the map for two in the excelsior that are honoring jerry grargz the nature son most famous native sons and daughter well, we'll honor women in the future that is the start in the excelsior has in future years kaurtd out by future organizations and communities in the excelsior and supervisors therehat are here a significant effort i want to thank numerous people that you are part of creating the plaques fraudulent beth we honored at the board of supervisors and she designed the plaque percentage is before us the first one we put in at harrison street and mission street. >> thank you her for her work and jeremy pollack in my office did a lot of work working with
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that community groups on the process of approvals for the plaque and the arts commission and review committee approved the design for the plaque on monday and will be before the arts commission for their approval very, very soon, the department of public works has been very, very helpful in agreeing to do some of the maintenance for the plaque the first plaque on mission street and, of course, the crocker amazon excelsior grasp is r group is very, very responsive and taking care of the daily operations of taking care of the commissioner sako plaque - and - colleagues, i ask for your our o support. >> thank you supervisor avalos colleagues, can we take that
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same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading. >> item 29. >> item 29 an ordinance to amend the green building code and the environment code to establish the code for building construction facilitating the development of renewal incurs and updating the provisions for city this in a date of 2017 providing the understanding for the local guidelines and ceqa determinations. >> supervisor wiener thank you, colleagues this is straightforward under the ordinance new construction up to temple stories in height will require to be installed solar elements on project rooftop for electrical or heating the legislation was supported unanimously by both the department of public works and the environment commission
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today's california building code requires month new construction up to 10 stories to designate 15 percent of rooftop area as solar ready this is so shore can be installed in the future the legislation before us today builds off the state law ready requirement and require 15 not just solar ready but solar naturally in terms of the solar is sfm is installed with the building is built for electricity or heating in the euro we remind it is important we continue our strong push to alternative non-fufls energy this is to a clean future
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we in san francisco lead the way on solar energy and continue to do that this legislation i should noted is the first part of what is a two-part effort to promote rooftops as new buildings are added to the city the next ordinance expands the provision to allow for green roofs and that is forthcoming we're working with the planning department on the legislation i want to thank gary coper from the department of the environment in developing this ordinance and andrea power and in committee supervisor peskin raised an issue with what the provision that go exempts from the ordinance basically to server farms buildings basically have angle inordinate number of services and require work on the
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rooftop so it is not a good place supervisor peskin asked if that couldn't potential or inintentionally exempt out believes that are not fitting into that category so over the loose week we went to the city attorney's office and i distributed a very small but impactful amendment changing page 6 line 21 the word like that and function the city attorney buildings will make sure we're only capturing really buildings that that is why they exist in other words, the farms can address this further if there are questions i've distributed the amendment and move we make that amendment to page 6 line 21 colleagues thank you in advance for your support. >> thank you so that's the motion to amend is there a second
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be seconded by supervisor mar are supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president first of all, i want to say i absolutely support this legislation and thank you to supervisor wiener and their staff. their excellent work as well as the department of the environment i i don't think we'll hear in john gibner, deputy city attorney there is any difference continue the word use and the word function i think if we were to replace the electronic data progressing with server farms as you recall there's a definition that off-street parking i can't maxwell poisoned a decade ago that will work the problem with the electronic data processing that can be used and exploited to exempt legislation from this
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then we've attempted but server farms is a better term than daylight processing i do see a difference so i'll submit that to john gibner, deputy city attorney to whether or not the server farms it defined as maxwell defined that >> john gibner, deputy city attorney to supervisor wiener's request for an explanation of the difference between use and function i agree down pretty much the same the change in the ordinance will conform the language of the building code the building code has a existence of the term primary function as opposed to primary use that primary function i'll pull up the existence now is a major
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activity for which the facility is intend and it goes on to include to explain corridors and exits and entrances and booms don't have a major function only the facility the purpose of the amendment was to make clear using the nomenclature of the building code that that we are only talking about the facilities for which the primary function the major use is electronic data processing center. >> as server farms i did a quick search i couldn't find silver farms in the municipal code having searched the municipal code i'll be happy to look at this further. >> if i may through the chair thank you for the explanation of function as compared to use what
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is electronic data processing there's no existence i don't want to leave that to interpretation buildings full of human beings that you are do entry and that kind of work is precisely what this supervisor didn't want to exempt if we can delay this to later in the meeting and see if you can find a definition on state codes for server farms it supervisor wiener is willingly perhaps that solves the issue. >> supervisor wiener i don't have a problem with a brief delay if we use the word server farms it is an extremely narrow exemption because again, it it is a server farm or something like that cooling equipment on the roof and no room another possibility to add the
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following language at the end after the section 4.201.2 comma not feasible to comply with the requirements there are a couple of ways to narrow that and i'll be happy to do brief delay so perhaps we can get clarification. >> okay mr. gibner. >> happy one other point of clarification the term electronic data processing facility is used not code but not defined in the building code is used as an example of a type of facility that's why that language is there. >> madam president i'll request to have a brief delay and hear from other items and come back to this shortly. >> before we move on can we pass the amendment that is
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proposed as without objection, without objection the amendment passes and return to this item later in the agenda madam clerk next item. >> >> madam president it is 2:303 if you want to go to the recommendation of accommodations starting with supervisor cowen. >> thank you good afternoon everyone in the chamber i have a privilege to present to you a woman who is outstanding and who is actually been nominated by the one of her teammates is ms. ironing i
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didn't sing heplease approach t podium thank you. >> (clapping.) so colleagues today to honor just a minute district deputy been prosecuting for 15 years and ronnie scuffing prosecuted and helped to remove a 4u78 trafficker from the streets of san francisco ronnie realized as often the case with human trafficking that was going to be difficult she worked as a team of the police officers and investigators from the district attorney's office to build a case from the ground up securing search warrants and phone records and forgotten from local hotels and human trafficking cased like this one are changing they require a deep
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connection and a relationship with the victims that are often scared to testify the victims in this particular case were a 14-year-old and 16-year-old girl after a yearlong investigation and a two month trial the defendant was convicted of 15 felons with rape and pandering ever children and facing up u up to one hundred and 50 next year's loichlt. >> (clapping.) all of us saluted u absolutely we've worked with serve legislation to help to support the victims of human trafficking but people that like ronnie sing that are working to make sure that the perpetrates are not allowed to victimize our city residents thank you for the opportunity for ronnie on behalf
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of the city and county of san francisco and the victims of this case thank you thank you very much for being our champion and our hero. >> thank you, supervisor. >> (clapping). >> thank you supervisor cowen i just want to say i'm appreciative of that honor i've had the rare opportunity or working with several of the board of supervisors in my capacity as a neighborhood prosecutor that predated any return to the hall of justice and good morning to supervisor avalos and supervisor tang and, of course, supervisor cowen who i worked with in the community an important issues including this issue of human trafficking so it is my honor and privilege to represent the insistence of san francisco it was my hournlz to work on this case and hopefully, we continue working together both in law enforcement
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with the board of supervisors and the city and county of san francisco to help protect our children and give them the opportunity but also to make sure that we keep our streets safe and wonderful our youth and young adults. >> thank you. >> and one last thing i'd like to recognize the parents of iconically ronnie supervisor mr. and mrs. sing both with us (clapping.) >> i would like to introduce sergeant flores our investigators who were the main reason we were so successful in the prosecution and kim hunter from our crime unit from the
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neighborhood prosecution team (clapping.) congratulations again truly remarkable remarkable work thank you thank you for your service (clapping.) good to see you commissioner sing were with that, we'll move to the next item supervisor
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katie tang. >> thank you and thank you so much for supervisor cowen so far honoring ronnie sing we did this work together when she was our neighborhood prosecutor tying into ronnie accommodation we brought of flores and it is truly because of people like him that help to build the foundation for these cases that i consider the steps in the people versus the case along with the colleagues that are here to support ronnie and sergeant flores i'd like to call of sergeant flores for his accommodation (clapping.) so sergeant flores as long as antonio been with the police department since 1982 a stand up
7:07 pm
member of the police department for 13 years an undercover capacity in the analytics detail and in the investigation and a sergeant national tenderloin for 5 years we called one of the best assignment in the world in 2001 with the domestic violence and in 2012 assigned to the special victims unit and an interval part of city's effort to stop human trafficking and protect victims and helped with the policy with vices as and signed certifications last year during the superbowl we coordinated multiple operations to avoid the human trafficking and it is in nature involved late night and challenging circumstances tense moments and the can he
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have arrest of pimps and because of the case ear talking about with ms. ronnie people versus getting take care the sergeant supported by minors by being supportive and he was the instant person they could trust sergeant sergeant floorings showed up all times and gathered information about the defendants bad behavior and interviewed them and created a strong record that was vital to the trial and the trial was intense for 9 weeks sergeant flores sat next to the jury everyday sergeant flores showed patience and hard work and he was respected by all of his colleagues whether colleagues from the police department or so judges or lawyers on both sides of the courtroom and the advocates that
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directly helped did victims sergeant flores never hearsay hesitates to smile or helps an after the trial sector flores preparedville thank you notes conformations from sfpd's self-interest did prosecution team and makes people feel valued and like his work is 3rer7b9 so sector flores someone a constituent and proud san franciscan and proud father of 3 beautiful girls thank you for your work and on behalf of all the victims you've evaluated and again, i stepped my thanks to everyone that is part of team so thank you very much (clapping.) >> i'm honored and start off by threatening my mother i'm blessed and i'm able to do the
7:10 pm
work if i go have the support of chief chief suhr and also the command staff especially champion bailey who was very instrumental in guiding us but also the team the two gentlemen to the right i'll have stand up ronnie chang and randy i didn't lee structural during the whole time i was doing the prosecution they held it together for me, i couldn't do what i do i'm proud to say i'll pass on the torch to those officers and it is amazing for the joy of the good work and thank you ronnie we've had that case it is challenging at times and again couldn't ask for an better partner as my office wife next to me going through this
7:11 pm
whole trial but most importantly to my clients they were amazing victims and they are truly the champions of this event thank you very much. >> (clapping). >> thank you flores for your service that is truly appreciated the work that you and ronnie to keep our city safe is truly commendable we appreciate that and congratulations next up supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor
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president breed a few weeks i met with renéees that on from the san francisco court peentd special advocates for children better known an csa is a can you come up front i'll say a few words and another individual foster care awareness month is next month i want to highlight the work the sf csa is a they've got hundreds of youths and at foster youth shouldn't have to wait there are one thousand children in foster care in san francisco an average child spends two years in foster care many much longer by ask 18 many
7:13 pm
of the children have lived in multiple homes and attended an average ever 9 schools and worked with 7 different social workers so what happens is that the csa is a advocate is the one stable adult in the youths life san francisco sass is a trains volunteer for one volunteer and with the community based that covers the needs of child they work with the caregivers and family, teachers and social workers and lawyer and health care provider it is the person that actually spins the web to make sure their altogether this is critical has more than half of california's foster children does not graduate from
7:14 pm
high school and former foster youth experience higher levels of employment and incarceration, homeless and mental and physical health problems csa is a vision to give all children the opportunity to thrive and trained more than 25 hundred volunteers over the years in support of foster youth to fight against the odds enabling the chances for the youth to lead a happy life in a safe and permanent home every year they train many community members to work and support our foster youth in recognition of the work had in the upcoming fifth anniversary i'm proud to highlight their incredible work on behalf of youth and declare
7:15 pm
san francisco csa is a recognize can i thank you all your work maybe i want to speak from here sf csa maybe you should speak. >> my name is lisa i'm the volunteer board chair and on behalf of our board and staff reneees that on thank you for the opportunity for this honor supervisor yee and supervisor wiener so far being supporter of csa is a i work with many of you in the education fund as a volunteer and chair this board because we have one thousand children in san francisco we've determined their homes are not predicament for them and now our
7:16 pm
children and norm you got me choked up i was prepared to give the speak those are our children we need to take care of them and the most amazing thing we have tremendous volunteers that get 40 hours of training that is intense and they're the ones that rush in when everyone else has rushed out of the children's lives so it is 25 years and 25 years ever volunteers doing that on behalf of our city foster youth we are exist about the fact we've been celebrating 25 years as a nonprofit during the ups and downs of the economy that has challenges and we've been able to serve youth to an friday may 13 we'll be having our 25 anniversary gal lag please come and celebrate and as we honor two public servants as part of our city those are
7:17 pm
communities of service leaders to support our youth to make sure they have all they should be able to have as kids thank you very much for the honor thank you. >> (clapping). >> congratulations again and thank you very much for being here it is time to return to our regular agenda madam clerk where
7:18 pm
we were we. >> we were heading to items 31 and 32 considered by the rules committee on thursday. >> actually, i think we missed item thirty. >> item thirty madam president apologies apologizes so amend the administrative code for the city funds to assist in the enforcement of immigration law except individuals held for a violent crime. >> supervisor avalos i like a motion to continue this item to the board of supervisors meeting on may 10th madam chair rosales has made a motion to continue to may 10th seconded by supervisor yee colleagues without objection that will be continued to may 2016 madam clerk back to item number
7:19 pm
29. >> item 29 is the building environmentalist code called before this body. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president we have a eloquent evaluation to this minor issue and specifically that would be to i'll make a motion to this effective to replace the phrase quote electronic. >> can you refer to the item. >> page 6 line 21 to replace the data prorgz with the following internet service challenge as defined in the planning code that is my motion to amend. >> second. >> okay. that motion was moved by supervisor wiener and seconded by supervisor peskin and i apologize supervisor wiener i'm trying to find the place in the amendment i don't have a page 6.
7:20 pm
>> the same - thank you, thank you i got to thank you, thank you so colleagues without objection without objection the amendment passed unanimously and so on item number 29 as amended colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance as amended passes unanimously on the first reading all right. madam clerk can we go to committee reports. >> yes. item 31 a motion to conform the mayors or mayors nominees suzy loftus to a term ending 2020. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the motion is
7:21 pm
approved unanimously next item. >> >> item to confirm the mayors nominees thomas to the police commission for april 2020. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, colleagues. i just want to meant to do that with commissioner president loftus and want to speak in favor of her appointment but commissioner mazzucco i know him and served on the police commission that above and beyond the call of duty i have tremendous amount of respect for how he handles himself not only an amazing backward but everything he's done on the commission and colleagues, i hope you join me that supporting him. >> supervisor avalos. >> i want to add my name to not only this nomination but of
7:22 pm
suzy loftus i do always agree with commissioner president loftus or commissioner mazzucco i think that is clear that they've done a interpretation job in their xaptsz as members of the police commission so i want to thank them for their service this is the time for you will have us to collectively tackle the difficult and challenging issues that are facing the police department and i think that we need individuals who espn we don't agree but we'll reach out to folks from all walks of life i'm proud to serve with commissioner mazzucco and wants to serve and thank you to commissioner president loftus and i think with the challenges we've faced comes the
7:23 pm
opportunity to get this right. i think this san francisco, california get this right i'm proud to support this nomination. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much i too want to rise and acknowledge the tremendous leadership between commissioner mazzucco and suzy loftus we had a robust commission the rules committee was four hours long and thorough i want to assure the folks that are at home and watching this vote here today they understand we're putting in place supervisors not commissioners that are have not thinkers and strong-willed and in positions to do good policing to create go general orders and i know they've taken positions that are difficult we
7:24 pm
salute you and grateful for your time you're spending and glad you want to spend another four years with us thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you supervisor cowen and supervisor mar i want to acknowledge that commissioner president loftus and former president commissioner mazzucco had tremendous support from the community and dealt with some tough crews q questions and showdown amazing leadership dr. marshall and president of the united states jose and others expressed amazing support in bringing people with different perspectives together with comments from the crowd i referred to them as a splash brothers of the police commission because the inspiration to others to build the support and listen to the community i appreciate them and
7:25 pm
support the mayor's reappointments of those two community leaders. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president i also want to express my strong support for both commissioner president loftus and commissioner mazzucco i know we've reappointed and this is been i just as proud to be a member of the board of supervisors i can only imagine how difficult to be a police commissioner because of the policing that is part of national conversation and local conversation are incredibly challenging and divided and navigating a conversation requires an enormous skill both commissioners have shown that leadership i want to express my thanks to them in san francisco. >> thank you very much and i just want to thank the
7:26 pm
rules committee under the leadership of supervisor tang and thank you to supervisor cowen and supervisor mar i was that was a lengthy meeting a lot of questions a lot of public comment and i think that clearly moving those two individuals forward with unanimous support of rules committee makes it clear we trust the leadership we trust their judgment and knows they'll continue to push the department in the right direction we know that there is lots of work to do in the city and county of san francisco but i believe i have two streerd commissioners to help to make the kind of change with that, colleagues item 32 can we take that same house, same call? without objection that item passes. >> madam clerk to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor farrell is the first member to introduce new buses business.
7:27 pm
>> supervisor kim. >> i'm excited to announce today a proposal to make kink free-for-all san francisco residents in the upcoming school year since 1960 the statistic and the masters plan has been promised to make higher education free-for-all could i we'll take with an step closer in the city and county of san francisco and make that a reality 1010 a red state is the first state to make city college free-for-all stat residents that are students and the first to use the public dollars and quickly followed by the state of oregon and in chicago the program i'm proposing will be the first program in the country and nation to make city college for every san franciscan
7:28 pm
regardless of age or income of gpa and we'll take the prerequisites act out the door and everyone should be able to assess the city college whether a high school or is an adult trying to pick up additional job skills to be able to move into a higher pga you can't be job or a cleaner or an immigrant to take computer classes or esl classes as you may know city college was free in san francisco until 1983 and currently our california community college enrollment are $46 a unit and students full-time for year two semesters telephone units pay over one thousand dollars annually that's the unfortunate costs that many students pay much, much more in
7:29 pm
attending city college and books and childcare and transportation and, of course, cost of living we talk about how we can make san francisco more affordable and the conversation at the board of supervisors is often and rightly focused on the cost of housing and make hours mower affordable for san franciscans but i think a key part of conversation to figure out how to make san franciscans afford to live here and part that have by taking down the barriers that assess higher education and city college is a primary institution and across the country in helping our residents rise to the middle-income and live here our current president talked about make city college free we have two approximately candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders to make city college free but here for san francisco we have an opportunity to make that talk into a reality for the residents that live here
7:30 pm
and can do that without any type of barriers or prerequisites and another issue to address understanding we have many low income students that are eligible for fee waivers but have barriers they canned afford the costs of boxes or childcare or other needs and so the program is for eligibility for those waivers will also allow you to be eligibility for one thousand dollars scholarship to help pay for the additional costs we have a limited budget in the city and county and any priorities so i'm not proposing though how i'm propose to fund this through a ballot measure i introduced in november we're modestyly increasing for buildings and homes valued at
7:31 pm
$5 million and above a new bracket for property sales at $25 million and above this revenue will generate approximately $29 million for the general fund over the next 10 years on average and i'm proposing we use a portion of this fund we estimate between 12 to $14 million to make college free-for-all san franciscans this is an investment for the future and the right bet so let's bet on our students and let bet think job train for adults to approve their skills and bet on the seniors that want to integrate by taking computer classes and bet on the immigrants that want to lower than languages and other job training i mentioned city college is not just an educational institution but helps many of the residents we
7:32 pm
know that on average the difference you can make in eastern income between having a high school diploma is $11,000 it is a sight earning gap one we want to help to bridge with that free program but it helps us build community by allowing many of the residents to help to integrate by learning skill sets and meeting other students and members of the community and we don't limit it by age this is the first program that isn't just eligible for high school students. >> i learned today from city college trustees they're just as many 5060 years old in city college we should make city college free-for-all and in fact, many adults go back to collect college we want to cover them i've asked the city
7:33 pm
attorney and controller to draft a free college fund to secure the funding from the new general fund from this november to make this a reality here in this state i want to recognize and thank sxhoermz and supervisor campos and supervisor peskin and supervisor avalos to examine their support and recognize supervisor president breed and supervisor peskin that is in confusions with age 21 and our office how to pilot portions of this program this upcoming school year browner the package of the luxury housing tax and want to recognize 2121 work use of force the labor council and matt haney and others that are president for working with us on this proposal
7:34 pm
and finally this is the beginning of this process there are many things to examine how to make sure that childcare is assessable to all students to attend their classes and we'll certainly be working with the early childcare and supervisor yee to make sure we are creating an inclusive as a system as possible and let's be a leader again san francisco, california lead the way for the state of california but of course for our country as well second i'm introducing legislation to give the board more overview no large-scale events and the fiscal impacts to the city a direct result of many colleagues will concur a lack of transparency and preparation over the extend costs during sprob and the impacts for small businesses in the adjacent area wear eagerly one way or the other the controllers report
7:35 pm
we've learned many lessons as a city of santa clara had an amendment to be reimbursed we have over $4.3 million for the general fund this, of course, is not included the recent reporting of overflow room for the stewardship sfpd $5 million more than the previous year the governance i think everyone regardless of their position the confuses that happened prior to the event and not before or after this establishes the amendment of the transportation code for the entering staff committee on traffic and transportation i've got from approving any major event lasting 5 or more consequence days unless the board of supervisors has determined that is fiscal and responsible we
7:36 pm
must seek to recover the costs and if we make a determination not to say our responsibility to explain this to voter and why i look forward to discussing the merits with my colleagues and want to recognize supervisor peskin and supervisor avalos and supervisor eric mar their co-sponsorship and to help and finally colleagues today, this board unanimously had made a commitment over a month ago to vote on subsequent legislation inform prop c which this board has unanimously placed on the june 7th ballot supervisor peskin and i co-authors make sure this legislation was before the board for a vote so we provide for certainty for our developers in the pipeline in terms of our k3e78gz of the increase in
7:37 pm
affordable housing production i would e we'd like them to contribute to the city i trust this board will sure we hear this ordinance next trust e tuesday and bring a close to several months of nooshgsz and hearing at the land use committee we can finalize this deal and build more affordable housing for the working-class and middle-income households in the city the rest i submit thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, colleagues. i have a few items a few kwookz i had the pleasure to honor the outgoing with the labor ms. donna for they are amazing work we choose to honor donna because of the tremendous job had in the office since established in 2001 but the roll the o lc insures
7:38 pm
the workforce is able to claim their voting rights in the workforce but with the page of the family-friendly ordinance that help to secure the ordinances the retail bill of rights, wage theft ordinance, as well as establishing the city with the nations hive minimum wage amongst many of the labor laws made san francisco the leader in the workers right this is a movement towards justice not only for enforcing the the groundbreaking laws the city has made but providing a model for other cities that wish to have creativity mechanisms for labor laws in their cities the roll making process for the formula retail bifurcating showed how important to have hive skilled leadership to work in guiding the stakeholders in a highly
7:39 pm
charged environment that helps the workers moving forward i'm concerned that ms. elizabeth is a purview that the package of those new laws brought to this to that end i'm calling on the city attorney to draft an amendment to mar accurately reflect the scope instead of improvement beyond the purview of wage provisions to say is different than when it starts 15 years ago we want to bring that up to date to show the amazing limp the o l s c but i'm concerned about the colleagues supervisor avalos and supervisor peskin, supervisor avalos and supervisor kim and supervisor president breed as well we're concerned that the strongest partners with the labor and workers are not consulted i the mayor's office to find a
7:40 pm
replacement for ms. levitt and given the complication i hope the zoning administrator naomi kelly work with all the stakeholder to find a director that will manage the areas of this vitality important office and looking forward to the future to avoid undue politicaltion of the directors position of this office and insure the independents as a watchdog agrees and working with a coalition of labor groups to ask the city attorney to draft an amendment to move it out of the city hall zoning administrator's to place it under the city attorney's office or the new public advocates office with the essential man tom ammiano thank you supervisor avalos and
7:41 pm
and she said and supervisor kim and supervisor peskin for joining me you've heard about the tragedy at ocean beach this past weekend i wanted to take a moment to express now condolences and support to the family of wayne 17 years old and another 16 years old at glal were swept way by dangerous rip currents i hope the other team will make a full recovery soon along with supervisor katie tang i'm introducing a hearing will be organizing a hearing with our san francisco kim's and her staff he's a former lifeguard and chris and her staff to organize in improving the
7:42 pm
monitoring or ocean beach since the heat waves what climatic change happening around us and the growing waives at ocean beach i see that everyday but the growing number of waves that effect the sand bars but an attractive nuisance that pulls you out to wade in the water like the 5 team did but we're going organizing this hearing to have satisfactory conditions and better monitored on the beach i want to acknowledge borders without - to be involved in making the bacterium satisfactory safer and work on signage and educational fonts proposed by the strong currents and express my support and presentation of the san francisco fire department to the
7:43 pm
search rescue and others that respond when the teams were pulled bout u out into the ocean and for hours and hours searching for them and let people know there is a crowd way eve sporting wayne's and others families 25 people are the record will show so, please look for that go fund in support of families as well not to down play out not occurred richmond i may look at aner this playlands an balboa i organized i wanted to give a this witness from the festival michelle and farrah the whole
7:44 pm
team fro organizing our first ever playland on balboa i wanted to acknowledge that the festival will continue hopefully for the future and that plays off the proud history i brought a couple childhood history memories but the playland we try to capture in the festival on saturdays was a sense of history i know michael a lot of cus and some historical amends and adams and balboa theatre allowed the western edition to raise the history but the merchants that supported is it from the balboa's merchant association from the 90-year-old balboa theatre to the new itself businesses like andy brown noise with the record store but bringing together and remembering the history that we share but also acknowledging
7:45 pm
that neighborhoods change we want to make them liveable places that bring postal service people out year after year but shout outs for the future and also this coming friday is the 46 annual earth day and want to invite people to an architecture day representation from 5 to 7:00 p.m. and to acknowledge that supervisor avalos and i both feel as sitting member of the air quality district i'm to the chair we'll be holding a number of hearings as it move forward with the bay area management district on lots of issues and pacific and others leading we're hoping you look at those positions and follow those who are termed out at the end of this year and another regional
7:46 pm
body event 9 mtc are joining the your district in moving to a new office in may and left all the board members know of the grand oscar pistorius of new office on main 375 main towards the embarcadero of the city and bcdc will be joining 3 other agencies in that office as well please join us for the grand off ramps in may and quick i'm introducing a resolution urging the california state legislator i think you know, we passed a resolution supporting state legislation but today, we're introducing a decriminalization ordinance in san francisco i'd like to acknowledge the mta fwroshgz for recommending to the board of supervisors to adapt that and thank you to supervisor avalos and the youth movement
7:47 pm
that builds awareness and passes the free muni for youth and moderate income and free for seniors bus he's co-sponsoring that ordinance and amends the mta to have different amazes for the violations condominium by youth and consolidate regulations rice the passerby to make that with the right stailt state legislation and under ceqa i'm not going to read the history but is that the youth movements the senior justice movements that have advocated for the changes to make our mta system foreseeable to protecting and moderate income this is driven from the spirit of the growing movements to make muni more equitable as well so we urge support and thank you to
7:48 pm
the mta board of directors for support 90 for this and look forward to a good debate on this issue as it comes to the board the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor peskin thank you, thank you madam clerk and colleagues, i want to thank you all for your support last week for the resolution urging our state legislative to mainstreamed the state assembly bills 201 and 22 to oppose assembly bill 222 with your support and the work of the affordable housing advocates you spent last wednesday in sacramento we received word that assembly member wayne from santa monica has withdrawn the assembly bill 2522 i wanted to thank the delegation and thank you for a big step forward more weight to the planning process
7:49 pm
and to our local governments to craft good policy in the vein of cooperation with the state officials i'm co-sponsoring a legislation with supervisor avalos to urge the state legislator to oppose senate bill one one 2 that can strains san francisco the ability to collect tax for short-term rentals directly from the hosting platform or investigate this platforms with the regular regulations as you know their currently in jeopardy because of a lack of enforcement here locally i've been working closely with my colleague from district 9 to address the worst aspects of or - sb hamstrings and allows the corporate platforms to have the upper hand to the detriment of the public
7:50 pm
and i'm requesting the city attorney to steam the resolution felt sro hotels until we strengthen charter 41 of the administrative code otherwise known as is residential hotel that was passed in 1982 we've worked with the volunteering 2 and the san francisco tenants union and the department of building inspection to preserve this stock thank you for your your support inclusionary housing an estimated one million divorcing within 19 san jose and 1990s i've recently been made aware of applications they're working through the permitting process as a bundle that will take over 200 sro units off the market here in san francisco. according to our own data san
7:51 pm
francisco has lost should some $700 of sro housing since the package in 1982 and put it into prospective that ordinance went into effect after the number ever sros hotel rooms was dpishdz are diminished from 33 there is to 26 thousand that has further been diminished to so 19 thousand units think about that that's a loss of 14 thousand sro units that's twice san francisco's homeless population and i be permanent attest during my campaign in chinatown to wit and seeing tourists with their bags coming out of divorcing or sro hotels that used to house the homelessness and you say see it providing access to tourists
7:52 pm
to the and/or rather than housing to the poorest of poor i look forward to working with the city attorney and you will have you to draft the amendments chapter four 1 to strengthen our tools and finally our assessor-recorder carmen chu and city attorney to help to identify and correct delinquent tax after it came to the city's attention the purchase was was much higher than than the assessor-recorder's it will be $5.6 million i want to commend the assessor-recorder carmen chu i know that supervisor kim has been diligently working to pilot free community well, that $5.6 million will be helpful for the city to have i'm just saying
7:53 pm
that the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam clerk colleagues today, i'm introducing a ballot measure to once and for all fix the broken street tree system in san francisco you've heard me talk about that a lot over the years and a number of i have spoken about that as well i like to say if we were to put that brother the people smart people into a room and shut the door and say you cannot come out until you draw the worse scenario they'll come out with a street tree we have here 90 in san francisco currently one and 5 street trees in san francisco part of urban forest and having a great urban forest is
7:54 pm
important for the communities height and this has a lot of healthy trees yet we treat your street trees in particular as if they're an afterthought the city has a terrible policy where we require that the adjacent property owners be responsible for and care for the tree whether or not the owner planted the try or whether or not the owner wants the tree and whether or not the owner has a physical or financial capacity to care for the tree you're not only required to care but fix the broken sidewalks and liable if anyone is injured because of the broken sidewalk or a tree problem so what this policy does narration to be unfair to property owners particularly to lower income and the senior property owners is insures the
7:55 pm
climate of unified awhile some pertains do a phenomenal job caring for the trees others do nothing or they hire the cheapest arborist that go ahead and mutilates the tree as a result, the urban forest is shrinking when it should be growing and as we've seen for almost 40 years trees don't expedite well in san francisco's budget we want to say that's not enough they'll never be funded have not normal process this ballot measure first is mandates that the city take back all one hundred and 5 thousand trees and our sidewalks and medium and other right-of-way and the city care for the tree and the city fix the sidewalks broken by the
7:56 pm
trees and the city assumes the liability for the tree and sidewalk disadvantage the ballot measures creates a dedicated lockbox funding to make sure we're telegraph hill funding and not just taking back the trees and let them die specifically the legislation creates a parcel tax for the aviated majority of property owners that ranges from thirty to $35 per month it is a progressive parcel tax that larger properties like commercial properties will pie significantly more than an single-family or a building the parcel tax had been in combines with the general fund support so far street trees over the loose 10 years the city budgeted $8 million a year so the
7:57 pm
legislation sets that $8 million as a baseline and the parcel tax revenue will be on top of that baseline so we're not replacing the city funding with the parcel tax revenue with those two sources combined the city will be in a position to take back responsibility for the tree related sidewalks damage and the amount generated will allow the city to expand our street trees population from one hundred 5 thousand to over $150,000 and dedicated funds to care for the trees we went through a comprehensive process over years to come up with that measure i want to thank friends of the urban forest and davrn flanagan for preaching to the city to endless community meetings to talk about it there years and years in in
7:58 pm
addition over the past year we've compound a working group and park groups a tree organizations and environmental groups to brainstorm and refine this proposal this is what has come out the parcel tax was conditioned on the city care for the trees in the future tries to dump trees on property owners the parcel tax will be cancelled to colleagues this is i think a huge step in the right direction for the november ballot requires a 2/3rd's vote to fix this problem once and for all i want to thank andreas power in my office for years on this legislation colleagues he look forward to the conversation and look forward to our support and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor yee.
7:59 pm
>> thank you, madam clerk. >> colleagues today, i'm requesting a hearing to better understand the city's action and procedures regarding a lien placed on the voice of pinnacles church as long as a place to meet jesus voice of penn california church holds - it is a historical theatre in my district a couple months ago we learned that the theatre was foreclosed and auctioned on the front steps of city hall now we have to remember that is a building we're - it is sitting 18 hundred on in the audience
8:00 pm
and it is sold for one $.06 million so i guess my reaction to that was how in the world you do you get a big piece of project o property for one million dollars how this property couldn't be sold without the city's knowledge identified as part of office of economic workforce development neighborhood asset activation program and currently undergoing the community that land marking process further the city has a lien on the property only for not been able to pay rent for space on treasure island they owed the city $425,000 and because of the way that was
8:01 pm
sold the city's collecting zero i'm requesting that the department of real estate treasure island authority and office of economic workforce development to present i want to insure there is a transparency and what transpired by the way, now we'll not see the funds owed to the city and the building blow the theatre belongs to a new entity i'm looking forward to shed light on what happened and there are measures we can take to seize those opportunities in the future the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor avalos submit and supervisor breed thank you, colleagues i have to items today today 3 days before we celebrate the 47 earth day i'm exciting to
8:02 pm
introduce some of the strongest environmental protection legislation in the country after months of with work other department of the environment and businesses and advocates we are introducing an ordinance to ban the sale of city are form plates and cups and a cartons and packing materials with the packing peanuts and styrofoam and other styrofoam marina pursuits and others packages in san francisco we have a notch beauty surrounded by 3 sides a moral and frankly a financial
8:03 pm
responsibility to protect ourselves from forearm styrofoam a brand of poly can't be recycled i know we've made the mistake of putting it in there that never decomposes a litter on our streets and public places that we are often only a stop over for a trip to the bay and the ocean plastic pollution in the ocean conditions to worsen with this the most e combrergz and po i didn't break down into non-degrashl pieces that sea birds mistake for fish and unlike harder it is a chemical called city reign - is linked to
8:04 pm
cancer and according to the usf da it leaks into the drinks the science is clear this stuff is an environmental pollutant and we have to reduce it's use more than one hundred cities have owners restricting this food where and packing materials in medicaid criteria businesses and corporations have successfully replaced this in their products and packageing we in san francisco have prohibited serving food in poly siren since
8:05 pm
an important 2006 law pass we our colleague supervisor peskin due the diligent work of the department of the environment staff that ordinance has almost 100 percent compliance what i'm proposing today is the next step supervisor peskins law addresses the immediate health impacts of eating from styrofoam containers now i ask you to stop the environmental and public harm of poly siren foam and other jurisdictions like seattle have passed us and now am cost effective alternative transportation to styrofoam on the market with that in mind we put together the new uses that have never been regulated in other cities
8:06 pm
san francisco will once again be at the forefront and replacing there pursuit with recycleable wong's we'll condition towards zero waste i want to thank russel from the sustainable san francisco a great advocate and partner jack mason i didn't at the department of the environment and his colleagues mr. rodriquez and the director deborah ralph the california groceries organization successors and the walgreens and others companies that helped us refine the legislation my chief of staff coner johnston for spearheading this on behalf of my office and our city attorney tom owen this legislation is carefully crafted to help businesses comply and accommodate those who
8:07 pm
can't just yet we've provided a waiver permission for individual cases as categorical cases there no feasible amendment to poly yet the department of the environment is moving o moving on on a wave to accommodate paramedics and drug companies that shift cold medication we will continue working with the groceries to help and with any other businesses that are issues but the end goal is clear stop the environmental foam food then we toss the item always the styrofoam lasts another one hundred years in the ocean the city committed to zero waste throats landfill over a decade ago and the only way we can
8:08 pm
achieve it to confront problems poly siren is not cycleable it is a pleasant and there are better options to. >> and colleagues for our investment and public safety i ask for your support and want to also acknowledge any co-sponsoring if in effort supervisor cohen's who introduced the first, the initial legislation to ban styrofoam if food products we eat from my next item colleagues a resolution to declare next week as public works week under the direction of director mohammed nuru the men and women at the san francisco department of public works work hard to
8:09 pm
improve the quality of life in san francisco to help to design operate and improve the city's infrastructure necessary provide beautification and organ volunteer clears up and repair our streets and sewer systems and they remove graffiti that vandalize our communities and last year the department made many achievements including opening the read into the record war memorial veterans building and completing the oak and pedestrian safety and bicycle safety and the pit stops to public toilets systems to 11 locations and expanded their apprenticeship to create jobs and provided training opportunities for san francisco residents many who oftentimes have difficulties finds permanent
8:10 pm
employment for more than 15 years they've organized the most recent one was posted in my district this past weekend that coincides with earth day an april 22nd these events are logged more than one hundred and 65 thousand volunteer hours adding more than 33 thousand plants to office spaces and removing more than 3 housing unit 5 millions square feet of graffiti i want to thank the men and women of public works for work hard twenty-four hours 7 days a week to make sure that our city is clean green and working all the time and i want to thank supervisor cowen and supervisor avalos and supervisor wiener and supervisor farrell and supervisor kim and supervisor yee so far co-sponsors that resolution the rest i submit. >> thank you madam president
8:11 pm
supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam clerk a lot of interesting exciting things happening at the board of supervisors he today as noted by my colleagues supervisor peskin i'm introducing a resolution urging the state of california this state legislation to oppose and bill introduced by hillsborough democratic sb 1102 is a way for what platforms like at and/or to say they're in compliance with state law without providing to the state of california or jurisdiction the critical information they need to enforce local law around short-term rentals sb 1102 gives the state the ability to collection taxes if platforms but redistrict access to data for the local jurisdictions to
8:12 pm
enforce zoning, housing, building and life safety codes under that bill in san francisco other other jurisdictions decide between collecting go the transit taxed locally or having the state collect them from the state is a vehicle for collecting the platforms then local jurisdictions loss the ability to enforce our own laws and the state will auditing with the platforms we can only look at the records for the platforms and use the tax for the purposes of not enforcing any other law or regulation a huge amount of eves on short-term rentals they're not work he supervisor wiener talked about how you know what is happening with trees you know gives you the image of people going into a room and think of the worst scenario we
8:13 pm
did that with short-term rentals and i think part of problem is that it is driven by companies hike and/or and the industry and state of california need for restrictions on corps we were happy to see the editorial from the affordable unit critically sb 1102 and the this board the challenges that when it comes to the enforcement we need to be on record we oppose sb 1102 and we'll hear if. >> couple of important leaders to speak on this but proud to introduce that with commissioner peskin and ask for your support its third reading. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> councilmember cole. >> i submit. >> supervisor mar i asked to
8:14 pm
be referred. >> i want to invite you on wednesday the government is holding the spring assembly supervisor kim and i present on two panels the theme assembly many of the mayors and the city council members and from all over the 9 counties 8 mrs. million members come to this meeting every spring thursday april 21st from - the panels are really critical as we move forward as a region the first panel on the regional government with the significant housing and jobs like sunny peak of the california merging technology and fred blackwell the cfo of the san francisco foundation and reverend a brilliant community
8:15 pm
leader from the alliance and jeremy the ceo of the greenbelt alliance and the future mr. haney is the second presentation in discussing the discussion that computed empty seats that supervisor avalos and supervisor wiener work with on the mtc and jan the senior partner are the management partners to merge the bay area and the mtc and i wanted to say on the spring essential shares stories with many of the 101 cities around the regional and the 9 counties but a critical merge decisions between the mta and abag right now a lot of the work that abag has been doing on transportation housing and creating living wage jobs especially looking at the development without displacements or transit
8:16 pm
oriented that is - i appreciate abag i mentioned the move of the regional bodies towards the extra bay area met center will be in june an old world war ii assembly tank plant one of the most sustainable building at 375 harrison and you know it is a testament to sb 375 the landmark legislation but be the hub the living wage jobs and developments without displacements going on not only in san francisco but regionally throughout the bay area thank you thank you supervisor mar madam president that concludes the introduction of new business all right. folks we'll return to our agenda item number 34
8:17 pm
madam clerk please reads. at this point, the public may comment up to 2 minutes on matters within the jurisdiction of the board pursuant to the board's rules. direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. items 35 to 45 public comment not allowed when an item is subject to public comment. therefore, be it further resolved and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. >> great first speaking please. there is a verse jesus said who is able to do above all we ask and think it is the glory and the church i've asked him to
8:18 pm
help me make that speak this is the shot heard around the world alex and jones are structural in what happens 21 years ago there are 6 megacorporations that own the media most people don't understand alex jones interviewed the officers in oakland city that testified the fbi murdered a family that they stopped the investigation john helps was by heidi that loved the game-changing that said it timothy mcveigh didn't do the judge threatened to throw him in jail it kangaroo court nick he lives did nothing not exceeded
8:19 pm
executed with mucking have a and signed a scorn affidavit the second in command of the fbi was over the whole thing they placed the bombs in the federal building and blamed it on fundamental christian is christian it takes it seriously we don't hate homosexuals but sin is sin okay now i've read luke 21 proshl a thousand time today but that was last year of the times of the invent tills jesus said jumping will be trodden until the times of gunmen tills 360 circles.
8:20 pm
>> a real tragedy of the use wisdom and passion and destiny for ones speak and actions one needs to obligate oneself step by step and return to the self-and a half of spiritual freedom of holy studies with the pure phil ginsberg ones heart and soul by mediation of self-nutrient of having the truth in cultivation and extraordinarily one abides with the locality and humanity in meaningful was and happily a did i in any for the mission for the gods mercy with peaceness and speech thoughts and action about people with extension of great teaching of true education
8:21 pm
of holiness for families order not management and peace of wellness one thing freely without attachment but true self-and wisdom to about the excellency and aspire with public truth of oneness and ice usages for attainment shall safe our people thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisors i'm speaking on item 37 the proposed resolution for the tuesday of the board of supervisors 8 asian pacific islander heritage most celebration and accommodation i want to thank supervisor mar for authorizing this resolution together with the support of supervisor jane kim and supervisor yee and supervisor tang i know you've expressed the
8:22 pm
supports for this resolution and palace been this country in the month of may since 1989 is and in the year of 2005 many of us came together to decide whether we want to have a civic celebration everyone had an official celebration of that special occasion if our vision that we may the mayor as well as the board of supervisors we are very, very delighted it you will be considering and hopefully, will support this resolution making the first tuesday of each may as the boss can i it is logical the first mondays of each may every year is the celebration with the mayor's approximation signing ceremony thank you it completes our
8:23 pm
vision since 2005 in conclusion come to our asian heritage month on next 0 thursday april 28th i hope you'll be that to make remarks and please join us on may second as we celebrate the heritage month and theatre we expect a full house and exterminate you to be there. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> this item number 36. >> make a recommendation for the state attorney general pamela harris to take care of the racial incrimination you're on the on track but the wrong way the way to take care of this racist police department that is handing out traffic ticket to bright people if a percentage that is bans racial profiling
8:24 pm
needs to be put in the attorney general's office to teach loretta lynch this is description has been going on for years by those racist cops a point the cops feel free our murdering minority for example, this lastly killing in the ethnicity i mission district all cops were instructed to maintain a distance it was an the person in question that video clearly deems those how cops rushed on the victim and murdered him after murdering him and him dead on the streets every single one of the cops with an ran away like they were separating themselves to keep the distance that's a clear example of excess force and murder by the san francisco police department that is a complicated procedure ensuing but not complicated to me in i have to i'll file a
8:25 pm
class-action in the federal building this is also employees to your housing discrimination this whole board acts hike like our helping people but 55 messenger medium everyone whose income below $49,000 plus it a person in a class-action and your liable whether this is a racket. >> thank you very much next item, please. >> good evening members of the board people in tv lands and those of you in the building i'm john i'm here to drawing your attention to the misuse of firearm by the san francisco police department that of the semi 9 millimeter which pierces appears to be the
8:26 pm
weapon of choice they lie in wait with a millimeter is a separate gun a combluk for those of you who don't know is the one the sheriff is carrying that is a fact that the use of the firearms not only puts the public at risk but also with the police officers at risk if you can go back with mario woods an officer standing 3 steps away when the other the officers opened fire what happened to officer safety they killed this guy over 15 times over how that officer if get hit so beyond me whether it was clearly showed and demonstrated every you couldn't handle the displacement
8:27 pm
of the bullets or intended to kill this man the other shooting that happened to a homeless guy in the mission district i'll drawing e drawing your attention what happened to public safety they ran for safety it is a blatant disregard thank you very much. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon supervisor president breed and supervisors i don't know if you notice all the hot weather and the pollen in the air and the smoke something about gets in our eyes in the city skies smoke gets in our eyes and it could be also smoke on a bay water and there's almost
8:28 pm
toxic to smoke on the bay water and intoxication water hope you fix it,too or could be oh, tainted gov. don't try just please i can't stand the way you tease tainted gov. oh, oh, oh, in the city that, please can't stand the way you tease and happy 1906 of the 1906 san francisco earthquake i hope you make that safe safe safer from the shake from the earthquake make that safe safe safe the
8:29 pm
safe safe safe, make that great and make that safe from the shake shake shake oh, boy it is a hunk hunk burning i feel hot it is rising higher and higher burning through the soul city thank you very much next item, please. >> thank you supervisor president breed and all the could ball i'm christopher would at 6th street and howard to commit an global metal on the comments i've charactered our ongoing compliment disagree with affordable housing languish not
8:30 pm
in seconds as in the springtime in the announce but will happen over the mere decades will be an affordable housing languish at the pace pr published a report on this subject i quote we hypotheticaled to a seawall is better approximateed by a listen year response doubling times of 10 or 20 or thirty years the sea level rise in about 51 or 200 years recently ice are near the lower ends the record is two short for a response closed
8:31 pm
quote i must ask again that the metro and bart is vulnerable to a sea level rise which it categorical is why are you writing 50 years schemes to add to the system and the cost of that looming disaster thank you supervisor president breed. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. member of the board i'm lae with the commission thank you for considering the position before you i'm calling for a joint skvp with the youth commission the first of its kind in the 20 years the youth commission are in existence the board over the legislation that be considered has an impact in shaping the city as lifelong voters to lower
8:32 pm
the voting amble to 168 we've found public hearings including the recent board of education hearing demonstrate how important to elected three-fourths hear from the young people on this issue and thank you for your support and with our blessing you commissioners looking at look forward to working with you jointly on those issues. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon. i'm al perez a member of the celebration steering committee with the festival and serving as commission in the entertainment commission i'm here to support the resolution declaring the first tuesday of may the asian pacific islander heritage month and regulation of outstanding asian pacific islander americans in the each of the 11 district
8:33 pm
thank you supervisor mar supervisor kim and others for support this the ab celebrations in san francisco - >> mr. perez sxhooepz is a sponsor. >> thank you supervisor peskin as well celebrating the violent asian pacific islander community in san francisco and including did chinese and japanese and vietnam's and cambodian and samoan and others as a community organize i know this resonates throughout our community and very much appreciate it it goes a long way especially our youth a lot of inspiration and motivation to be telegraph hill involved and be productive citizens of our dime city thank you. i look forward to seeing you on may 2nd.
8:34 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> thank you for your attention supervisor and supervisor from the 5 district my name is ace on the case i'll ask for one minute being because this is a very important notice to the city and county in specifically to the western edition so let's be candid supervisor president breed this is someone from the 5 district not something else leonardo i admire and respect but let's we are in the stay of the emergency we are the
8:35 pm
dysfunctional part of city neglected ms. breed was born not only that hud what's his name - castro you guys younger than any oldest daughter might be the next vice president but let's talk about the city the city by the bay in the fillmore i'm putting notice out as a fillmore ambassador don't need votes or your permission but i'm taking you on a mission the dysfunctional the community has rejected the program from investment neighborhoods adrian barker an urban solution london your name is not under and oewd
8:36 pm
they need to come to my community where redevelopment is occurring and pass the money they running things and - >> thank you ace. >> i can't give you one more minute otherwise everyone else. >> - (inaudible). >> thank you ace - thank you mr. washington. >> that's queen bee to you mr. washington. >> i'm kaind i live in sro building i heard that mentioned today and it is environmental
8:37 pm
week it is architecture day coming up i want to bring up a new aspect of environmental justice and injustice i live in a 6 building termed building inspection syndrome to undue plumbing and honest maintenance as fast as my research it is going on since 1996 we have the same department of building inspection inspector back on the building and his name it monobegin his dishonest and allowing people to become sick ill and die in our building tndc is a nonprofit that runs the little one hundred and 40 tenants we have stacking box growing out of the ceiling if you have a nail it will fill up with a white pitted mushroom we
8:38 pm
have yeast sells that are macro psychotic and saw what it looks like we are breathing and live this air every single day the epa has declared the act and they have at protection act of 2001 and no agency goes and will help us assess this problem inspect the building and can't afford it in door testing if we could tail probably reject it we're having a problem with the department of building inspection if not for them the same inspector that passed on in 2006 is now - >> thank you, thank you very much you next item, please.
8:39 pm
>> hello my name is stephen shaw i reside on 80 street i'd like to ask your help to open up on version on picking bacon what was said i'm one of them and very sick my room is dedeplorable i can't even open up how windows they're too heavy and it is getting in my lungs mucus is coming out out of my nose i'm very sick i need someone to help get this building you know through investigation and get rid of something i can't live in my own room like i said, i need you guys help. >> sir what's the location of that building. >> 141 eddy street
8:40 pm
one 41 eddy street. >> one 21 no one 41 thank you. >> madam president and members of the board of supervisors i'm jack, i represent indian international union that represents the hotel and casino workers and in san francisco known and local 2 i'm here to support the resolution by supervisor campos and helped by commissioner peskin to oppose senate bill 1102 by senator maguire from the son on community it is supported by and/or and other short-term rental platforms
8:41 pm
to liquidity misses and bring tax into local jurisdictions, however, what they'll do they'll use this bill to lend credibility of those platforms with the city of san francisco and other jurisdictions will not have the information necessary in order to be able to insure that local zoning laws and local residential housing are upheld in 1978 and joibd local 2, 87 percent of members lived in san francisco all those years later that is less than half that that because of extraordinary cost of hours in san francisco i realize that as complicated issue but platforms like this a exacerbating that issue we
8:42 pm
really need our pressure on our delegation to sacramento to their make sure that bill didn't pass thank you for your time. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> madam president and honorable members of the board i'm mario i've worked as a research analyst and speaking on behalf of the local 2 accident department by tourists have been the debate i want to direct your attention, however, to one aspect of this problem that is largely unnoticed we've been watching a number of growing sros seeking permits to have tourists hotel in some cases sros pursue effectively operating life tourist hotels that due to loopholes in the current code is rather difficult to prove when tourist hotels
8:43 pm
come with guarantees the workers organ a union that is a good things but we are concerned that some of the city's more affordable housing stock namely sros can be destroyed when we need them the most you shouldn't stand by and allow to happy we urge to put the brakes to come up with sro tenants i know that supervisor peskin is working to develop and implement. >> next speaker, please. >> hello good afternoon, supervisors my has the right to the friends and families killed by san francisco police department i want to continue the conversation we have less than 200 plus sros supervisor peskin
8:44 pm
everyday we see that and seeing the hotels in san francisco is everyday a witness to huge contradiction we're arguing more affordable housing we talk eloquently will 60th prices and sro rooms are rented and contracted to students are left vacant until property values raise i'm sure you'll see all the displays to rent to people last week, i found an sro are no tourist romance allowed and trgs or taxi drivers on earning for over $1,100 a week the week before a common room in the tenderloin been used by seniors as a tv room and now a ping-pong and used by students under
8:45 pm
accident age of 25 not for our sf elderly residents, of course, the week before that an sro thirty units were left vacant to students can be in the program can move in and drastically change the culture to one that is inhabitable for most of seniors sf residents that were living there we can't allow this to continue we have to get serious about protecting sros or sros if we can build more affordable housing we can absolutely preserve one of the most perish sources stop sro conversions and give the department of building inspection. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> my name is kevin i work at the central divorce collaborative and an residents find an sro for 15 years as much
8:46 pm
i'd like to move into a apartment and live in a better housing investment unfortunately, the housing stock is unavailable to me because of rent i can't for the record a $3,000 city apartment or 5 thousand two bedroom apartment i will strongly urge to keep to make sure we build more affordable housing for people who live in sros to move up and live in better environments and try to keep the housing stock of sros as much available as possible instead of converting them to cheap hotels or other uses not used for people that can't afford luxury apartments or whatever most people who live in the sros are people that work and community based to school and artists they wanted to be able to live in a better environment than living in an sro that is
8:47 pm
not a great place to live but better than that homeless i'll urge you to build more affordable housing for people living in the locking communities and preserve the stocks of sros in the city thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm felicia i live in an involuntary the union hotel before that i was homeless i sat in a broken down town pickup truck and a beverage i worked for usf i made good money but didn't make enough to afford rent and security here from the city i couldn't get a place i ended up losing any job and a police officer that came by periodically to go technical e check on me when i lived in the park he told me about those
8:48 pm
places to go and stay and i got into the sanctuary but i was there for 15 months i couldn't afford to get my own spot in the process i lost my job now i'm in an sro and working for the extra city collaborative and things are better but extremely important we don't turn the sros over to the tourists because there are too many us i've worked and lived in the city there are too many of us who need it we can't afford the thousands of dollars of rent and do the first and last securities it doesn't matter how much money you make we need affordable housing thank you.
8:49 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> madam president honorable supervisors i'm abraham thomas a former commissioner for the san jose a practitioner and a field conduct for our the marching band that was formed in 2007 and composed of practitioners we travel up and down california all over the west coast in 2011 we won first place community marching band and in 2016 first place for the marching band this year i applied for the japanese tour blossom parade within the application and the discrepancy i clearing explained the band is
8:50 pm
composed of practitioners and further explaining we were practitioners too weeks later wisp accepted into the parade 80 of our band members showed up to the chair wiener bloom parade and thirty minutes richard home share mother the president of the merchant association said that because we didn't apply as with the march abandons we were denied entry we were a political organization he further stated we are that a religiously organization and not allowed into the chinese new year not allowed into the cherry bloom i explained we're fellow practitioners i want to thank to supervisor mar and supervisor farrell and supervisor wiener i come here to stand up or stand up against injustice for the
8:51 pm
fellow parking garages and come to restart a dialogue about what is this and the positive function we're making in the city i look forward. >> thank you thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> game-changer supervisors my name is jean chu a u.s. defying vin marching band harp player a practitioner as well last sunday april 9th we were totaled our abandon was not allowed to join the cherry blossom parade at the last minute because we were a political group this is discriminated we're not a political group we're just a critical group by the party we don't say a political inspiration only the
8:52 pm
compassionate and for banners during the 10 years we joined the columbus day and patrick's day parade, etc. we were welcomed and chaired by the organizes and audience everywhere they saw the band but i don't think we should be discriminated because of our belief especially in the united states a land of freedom in china millions of practices are been prosecuted since 1999 over one thousand practitioners were for tufrd if we step out it is a place of a political issue no if so justice so, please please help us to stop the extension of
8:53 pm
the prosecution around c p p in san francisco. >> next speaker, please. >> hello madam president and the members of the board of supervisors hi, i'm a practitioner that is with the defy vin marching band with the cherry bloom folks stopped us from joining the parade because we are that with them. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i was shocked and appalled at the situation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this communist china group prosecutors us. >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i was not able to accept
8:54 pm
this thing would happen in a country with freedom of religion. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my sister was prosecuted to death in did he tensions center in china for her beliefs in bongo. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my older brother was jailed for 12 years because he wouldn't relinquish his belief in bongo. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> ifsd hit with a electric baton while in detention in china my body was full of blow-dry clots. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i was able to come to the
8:55 pm
united states and escape united states i came to the united states i agreed what the values of freedom and openness. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i believe in the american government can provide to environment for freedom and protection here in the united states for people that are prosecuted elsewhere. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't want to see our merge or american values sacrifices from the face of economic benefits. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i hope that we investigate into this issue and see who is behind this situation thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm young i'm an engineer locally in san francisco
8:56 pm
i live and work in san francisco and a practitioner of bongo i'm a drummer in the defy vin land march backed up it is fun to do and i get to be in the community and really perform and showcase the beauty in front of a lot of groups we joined recently the district attorney's office parade in davis the picnic day parade and the union street it was good do enjoy our performance i was really really saddened when someone the president of the organs with a loudspeaker and said awe bankrupting we were presented prevented from being in the parade i practice this nce i was a student and i
8:57 pm
really seen those values market-rate themselves mother speakers are requested but not required to state their name and fill out a speaker card, it will insure proper practiced and told me in your daily life be compassionate and the last for banners is toners which means for example, if you got into a conflict step back and see i made the situation and resolve it in a way not to hurt someone? why i'm part of divine marching band thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon madam president and members of the board of supervisors my name is peter i'm proud to say i'm a resident of so far for 40 years and proud to say i'm a following practitioner known and falling even deposit for those of you who don't know it an asian china
8:58 pm
reiterate you will discipline in the buddhist tradition consist of mediation and general experiences that are truly a unique and highly effective way to improve your height because of the influence the china and especially the inclines are chinese console our right have been violate as some of the board of supervisors witnessed last saturday at the japantown cherry bloom parade following the marching band was denied to participate in the parade at the last minute by chairman richard because of our belief i strongly urge the board of supervisors to adopted a resolution to condemn those organizations as much as
8:59 pm
kelly e cherry bloom festival and san francisco chinese chamber of commerce could sdroiment bans their belief and religion and race and gender so we the citizens of the san francisco, california organize into a democratic the fine people with long tradition university and respect for human rights freedoms of religiously for all thanks for your attention. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is eleanor this happened because i got evicted out of a wonderful huge place an nob hill and so i was staying in not
9:00 pm
hospital tills but staying in small hotels in lower nob hill one day i walked by this building that became my home i feel that we say the greed is the motivate our for us to lose our liv the greed that possess goes into a lot of parts of community and really proud to say i worked in xhooenz campaign and supported him for what he did as members of the san francisco communities really, really feel badly for people coming here i know that the rent in the 40 years has
9:01 pm
increased dramatically and i have a friend that moved in he can't afford with an engineers salary to live if a nice place because there so many offer priced as a group of people that believe in what we're fighting for we should stick together and remain as a team and support supervisor cohen's in all of his endeavors to remain in affordable living in a city we're proud to live in. >> next speaker, please. >> i agree tom it seems the whole bay area is in a housing
9:02 pm
boil ambassad boil long-term homeowners are lost no leadership san francisco mayor know very well the regional area should pull total but no leadership here between the lines just before the baseball season started pam cook heard there was not going to be service to the giants season she said oh, no a hardship to get to the game let's add 11 thousand workers for 250 hundred for people living in the comboints plan and let 18 thousand that will go to the basketball arena meanwhile yesterday we had a baseball game
9:03 pm
and warriors game played at the same time no problem we had 3 lines of bart and a freeway we're going to pass that buck into two narrow two lanes in each direction and four extra t lines is ridiculous with the sros problem here in the housing is just our city's problem ever housing and as long as we go syndrome the affordable housing vents the whole bottom people that are less fortunate than us loss out we need inclusionary housing where on this thirty percent is market-rate and then we can add up and at least 25 percent for less fortunate under our communities for a long time. >> thank you.
9:04 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> madam president i'm a.dams duffey sunday what the bachelor cambodian workers came out and springd water and yesterday the anniversary of our great earthquake and tomorrow is 4 slash 20 through the hate ashbury behind poetryable toilets to the park this four years the great disappointment yes. the new york primary for civil times in any adult times we'll have candidates from the outside momentum from the preliminary that had ideas houses going in a different direction and each time those candidates were stopped in the
9:05 pm
new york governor jerry brown i know twice and al gore when he ran the first time i'm not looking forward to i'll be surprised if anything changes the issues about the divorcing and the affordable housing we could have done something 20 years ago and should have the last neighborhoods that is ideally for it population the north of market we're trying to we wanted the protection for many neighborhood against gentrification against displacement which often means death unfortunately in any neighborhood and preshgs preparedness we're getting robbed more affordable housing low income housing very protecting housing assisted housing and program housing i'm not hold my breath.
9:06 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm going to talk about use of presently exist housing and future housing low income i'd like the city to draw a clear line between smoking - between housing that is low income and also distinguish the way you protect no hotels not smoke free air not only in their own apartment but don't want to go through elevators that people that have been smoking and their exposed the shelters they have not been free of smoking with doors oscar pistorius directly to places people have
9:07 pm
beds in big romance and lots of coughing and smoking within the structure and even though they can't smoke in the bedrooms still their people that could go in and out of the smoking room and sleep next to you 3 feet away that have been smoking we need to look at the costs not only after people get sick from smoking but how allow them opportunities low-cost to live in a place even though their in shelters not immediately adjacent people smoking and the - the shelters are built and operated so it accommodates smokers with special rooms but
9:08 pm
no special room for non-smokers to have a breakroom speaks for itself so smoking - >> thank you, ma'am next item, please. >> are there admit other members of the public that want to provide public comment seeing none, public comment is closed madam clerk read without reference to committee 35 to 45 without committee reference and member may sever it and have it concerted separately. >> supervisor tang. >> i'd like to sever 38 and 39 a supervisor cowen sever 35 and 36. >> supervisor mar 3 that please sever. >> supervisor avalos i'd like to sever item number
9:09 pm
45. >> all right. madam clerk. >> items 41 through 444 supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor eric mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's those motioned are approved unanimously madam clerk call item 35 item 35 is a resolution to support california state bill 1286 by senator leno improving the government accountability by allowing the public to assess
9:10 pm
police misconduct and use of force. >> 35 and i'm sorry supervisor cowen. >> thank you so much all right. so i want to read to you the first libraries of senate bill the sthoor it senator leno's we appreciate the peace officers dedication to public safety the good things of the public servants shouldn't be tafrnd who that may engage in wrongdoing from others and the bill continues the public safety as office violations of civil rights or acquires into support incidents really undercuts the public trust of law enforcement it makes it harder for the tens of thousands of hard work peace officers to do their job and it
9:11 pm
also dangerous public safety the push for transparency and law enforcement is something i've been advocating for like many of you in the chamber and here in san francisco and one i am the first to recognize the majority of our officers do great work that often goes unrecognized but if so woethd on invert of members of the public now if we give police officers the right to take individuals lives when they deem it is necessary we agree we have a responsibility to display they did so using a sound and most importantly unbiased decision-making process and the senate bill 1286 will do the following to assess sustained charges of misconduct use of force and as a result and identified precisely it allows
9:12 pm
people who filed complaints access to basic information related to the compliment so senate bill 1286 allows protection against unnecessary complaints and protects the use of records older 5 years in litigation proceedings and records that which is considered to be frivolous it insures that that is what - will not be maintained in personal records are considered in making transfers or promotions now, while that is abundantly clear we need more balance in the scales i want to impress on you not just a san francisco
9:13 pm
snaefktd kern community was one of the deadliest counties in fact, of 14 deadly it county in american 7 of them 50 percent are made up in the great state of california senate bill 1286 is not an anti police bill but an affordability bill this is created for more transparent and foster an overall better and stronger police communities residents now i hope to have our support it brings san francisco, california from behind the current convert like florida and texas and half of the and puts us in a leadership position when it comes to police reform colleagues ami i've made a few changes that came out of committee you should have
9:14 pm
received a copy i'll read into the record to people can hear the amendments on page line add holiday manipulative in conjunction to the great senator senator leno and languages for protections to officers against frivolous complaint and page 2 line 4 through 6 have been deleted as the requirement for locality for public hearings removed from senate bill and in closing i'd like to thanks my co-sponsors supervisor president breed and supervisor kim, supervisor avalos and supervisor peskin and supervisor yee for joining me this is a resolution simply supporting senate bill supported by senator leno thank
9:15 pm
you. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor tang thank you supervisor cowen for your remarks i think that actually, the amendments that the senator made to the bill do improve on the concerns inch raised so i'm glad for example, that the portion regarding the public hearings for appeals hearings has been removed from the bill at the state level but i think what gives me pause regarding the openness of the record i think that it really novices members of the public to almost serve as you know, almost as personal managers for the san francisco police department i know that today we have approved two amazing police commissioners to serve and the police commission is indeed charged that investigating when their certain issues related to personally matters with the
9:16 pm
police department in in addition he appreciate that supervisor cowen you have the charter measure that is enforced roe vs. wade the ocii to yes, ma'am powerfully them we have structures in place to address the issues not to mention the brady procedure that must be followed as well as the motions to insure that our police officers you know their records the records in terms of university of california, san francisco are considered i do believe there are measures in place and putting out the records of even though their sustained i guess sustained charges that it does innovative some level i think of lack of safety for some of the officers embarked in those cases and novices the public to see
9:17 pm
information that is not full and perfect i think that is a bit dangerous to put that information out there because i think that all of us know we're for the perfect as well. but you have imperfect information about a personal records invites activities and behaviors we'll not want to see happen i don't feel comfortable supporting this resolution but i do appreciate the intent behind senator leno and supervisor cowen are trying to put forth with those pieces >> thank you supervisor tang supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president and first thank and commend senator leno for his work on behalf of our city and region to move forward with the key progressive priorities i'm proud to stand with him on issues
9:18 pm
ranging from ellis act to minimum wage to kill switches to marriage quality to health care and protection measures i went senator leno's on criminal justice system and stood with him on many of the efforts and respect his work an police reform yet on this particular bill in it's current form it goes beyond what i'll able to support in opening up personal filed i'll support a generous legislation for high levels of foreclosure like lethal or e entrench greg's and for certain uses of force if investigated and found to lack merit it is my hope as
9:19 pm
it bill goes through the process there be will meaningful negotiations for a modified version i know that senator leno is one of the most skilled legislators in san francisco and a very go process we're not asked to vote today on what might result from legislative but one pending today i've long supported the civilian oversight and policing and affordability back in 2003 i supported proposition h that was troven i looked at the voting and it passes 5 is to 49 percent he supported it and prop h created the modern police commission with the appointment and allowed the ocii to go directly with the police commission with serviced
9:20 pm
misconduct allegations and support the occ funding and supervisor cowen leadership i supported the ballot measures that supervisor cowen supported to require occ investigates for all use of force and support body worn cameras and resolution or so including asking a federal investigation to the department as well as a resolution asking important a very hard look at the use of force policies to bring them into the 21st century but for this particular bill in it's cutters form i not been able to support it and voting no, today i do want to request, however, there is the first resolve clause i did goes beyond to particular bill i commend senator leno for his leadership
9:21 pm
for transparency and law enforcement agencies that is page 2 line 14 to 16 i'll ask we divide the question and vote on that clause separately from the rest of the resolution thank you. >> all right. thank you supervisor wiener supervisor campos. >> you know, i want to just echo the comments that supervisor cowen it is a mild piece of legislation that's been other things in tom ammiano tried to do this what happens to provide transparency for the police officer record is that the police over unions where a poa or other representative will also blocks it i'm actually disappointed to mare this is not going to be a unanimous voted for the entire
9:22 pm
board of supervisors i think it sends the wrongs message because that is on the issue of transparency the entire board of supervisors should be voting for that i think that is kind of scary to think we're not on that page collectively and i'll be honest i think that it is sort of kind of provides a justification forgive some of the tax ticks we've seen around the poa and other police officer units so i'll ask my colleagues who are not supporting to reconsider that sends the wrong message and in terms of the you know the transparency of these records we have actually seen how the system will work because all of these records were public before this is disciplinary proceedings for police officers were public
9:23 pm
actually until recently and prior to that i think that prior to them becoming privy think san francisco the way we approach those procedures and those records i think was a very responsible way we actually struck the right balance in terms of making sure we electricity the confidentiality need you think that is a important vote i commend senator leno for you know continuing the work of tom ammiano and others that tried to get this through and i think that we should come out strongly in support of transparency. >> thank you supervisor campos and before we move on supervisor cowen you made a motion to amend our legislation i did. >> and seconded by supervisor
9:24 pm
peskin and colleagues the amendments without objection without objection the amendment passed supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president and colleagues, i have the honor ever attending the press conference that schaert held over a months ago with supervisor president breed and members of the aclu and members of the state media guild and indeed with supervisor campos said is absolutely; correct is this is a much narrow our second attempt by senator leno that is being levi want to commend the supervisor for bringing this forward and want to say with no
9:25 pm
decide retire to supervisor wiener when a member of this board announces they'll vote no on the resolution but still want to amend wording in the resolution i don't know how does that work you said you wanted to change a particular clause. >> he wants to basically divide the question of the resolution and vote separately on one piece of the legislation not making an amendment. >> through the president to supervisor wiener can you restate you wanted to divide and supervisor wiener. >> i'm not seek to amend anything i happen to vote on the first resolve clause lines 14 to 16 separately from the resolution. >> resolve that the board of supervisors commends senator leno for his leadership and in the efforts to create and
9:26 pm
enhance transparent introduce the law enforcement agency albeit. >> better strict the that. >> thank you anything else supervisor peskin. >> that's it as supervisor kim. >> actually, my question on the dividing of the file i want to be clear we're telephone call taking two votes one and a resolve clause commending senator mark leno and the other question everything else. >> right. >> how does that look on the record. >> we've not done a division of the file on one line like this we've divided pieces of legislation this is a resolution i've not seen this what does it look like to divide the file please explain thorough the president we're currently showing you an example what that looks like what you
9:27 pm
voted on our legislation 2 point owe 0 and 3 votes the first as the president knows on the waiver for this item to go to committee and take those two votes the first vote on the divided portion the second vote on the remainder of the document. >> okay you know, i do remember us divided the file my legislation on the 2 housing unit owe we divided the file and took out a portion of the legislation that was substantive with an impact on the tenants and the landowner that make sense i didn't know but i see what that looks like on the record are i want to support sb 26 many making sure we're holding other and allowing
9:28 pm
public assess to the information really i think this protects our good officers we have many, many, many amazing outstanding police officers that do role go back and work to protect the community and increasing assess to this information will only further a positive and trusting relationship with the members of the public so i also am expressing my as for the or support. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor campos. >> back to supervisor wiener's point of order or actually privilege which he has the right to divide the question and how i want to say for the record i actually think that it is - i understand why he will want to do that but i think that you know you can't have both ways;
9:29 pm
right? not on the one hand i agree with the language we commend senator leno to have trained and to the law enforcement agency so you can say, i voted for that and at the same time vote against the very substance of trying to bring the transparency you, you know look your for transparency or not this is not one of those like you know can i find a place in the middle to be able to say that i am for transparent in policing in san francisco but at the same time community based along with the poa is doing i'm sorry not you can't have it both ways you know, we don't have a vote that automatically happens but should be clear that the people that vote against the substance of this resolution are people who have citing with the
9:30 pm
police officers association on the pressing issue of transcripts should we have transparency we vote against it portion of the resolution means you agree with the poa we shouldn't have that's what that means. >> thank you supervisor campos and supervisor cowen. >> thank you i wanted to get it on the record that i'm against dividing the resolution i actually agree with - >> i'm sorry to interrupt you supervisor cowen i've been notified by the clerk that the motion to divide the question is not debatable unfortunately. >> i'm deity it what i'm seeing saying i don't like it that's a statement just to be clear i believe that is stripping out the purpose of the resolution
9:31 pm
you're either for transparency or not. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor cohen's. >> i think everything that feeds to be said has been said. >> okay so with that, i'm going to - >> supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president breed so you know appreciate this dialogue here not a debate right a dialogue you know look i appreciate the resolution by supervisor cowen and agree with that he need more transparency across the government and across the police department and others departments with all due respect your for transparency or not flipping this around the issue i have with the underlined bill with the generic transparency has to do with with the fact it was not limited to to the
9:32 pm
community and happy i thought that was - as a continues to widen to the legislation i'm concerned the disclosure of the acquisitions are powerful as charges that are sustained and the potential for abuse here and writing officer in the unwanted consequence is very real i building they can have a detrimental effect on police officers and that's not something i can support if charters are sustained the use of force or otherwise the public dloush absolutely not a problem but mere acquisitions to be part of a record this opens up frivolous showdowns that flies in the face of supporting our
9:33 pm
police officers we don't think every single day there are many questions raised within our police department locally over the past few months but as those discussions and investigations wind to the different processes i don't think we can lose sited of the mainstream that put their lives on the line every single day in san francisco and defer our strong support but in the streets and in their careers so because of that part of legislation this is not something i can support. >> thank you supervisor farrell and supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president i just want to just i don't think that needs clarification but some remarks have been made i'll make sure that is clear i think i was clear about my position on many and what i support and don't support in addition to what the acquisitions and a number ever things this is has nothing to do with with trying to have that
9:34 pm
both ways to clearly taxi ask to divide the files abused it is appropriate to commend senator mark leno for his work even though i don't support 100 percent of the legislation. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor cowen. >> less call the question. >> all right. so we have a number ever things to do i just want to be clear since this item requires 8 votes i'll entertain a motion to waive the reference to committee and that will require 8 sro's votes that is moved by supervisor wiener seconded by schoenz colleagues colleagues can we take that without objection? we'll waiver the reference to committee unanimously and now on the item as amended
9:35 pm
the specific lines 14 through 16 to divide the questions specifically can we can we take that without objection? >> no. >> we can't say we have to do it we can't not do it supervisor cowen. >> fine. >> thank you. >> wait, wait, wait a minute send one divided foil to committee and give the other. >> this is not a duplication thorough the president not a duplication. >> we're not send anything to committee we're voting for the entire item and the ability to do so we would not have gotten 8 votes and this would have failed and go to committee and not required to go to committee we'll votes on the file separately
9:36 pm
madam president or madam clerk or city attorney if we vote no on that clause and no longer commend senator leno for his leadership and then voted on the rest of it so the rest of the file we say we support the legislation that senator leno has introduced wouldn't that work in terms of and, vote no on lines 14 through 16 we commend senator leno for his leadership and we all want to support that unanimously. >> no. >> the commending of the i mean the commending senator leno we dependent debate. >> you can't have that both ways. >> but. >> to leave this recessing resolution i'm happy to vote no on those 3 lines and call senator leno and commend him for
9:37 pm
his leadership. >> okay supervisor campos. >> yes. i think that consistent with what i nodded i think that is kind of a ruse in terms of police vehicle i playing with word i'm ready to vote no on the lines i think that senator leno knows what we're saying we commend what he's doing but not okay with the try to create it idea we're you know trying to do something that we're not. (laughter) and so i think that you're either with this or not and that i think in the spirit of what senator leno is doing and trying accomplish i move to supervisor cohen's i think we vote no on this language and call him up and say why i did it i commend what you're doing by the way, trying to be as transparent
9:38 pm
>> i understand where every single you are coming from but not to vote on the 3 lines to make a point. >> supervisor president breed i defer i think when it comes 0 lgbt issues when it takes to come to quality but waivers when it is to complieblthd issues and makes people unimproving comfort we're with that or not senator leno api i've worked with him this is something he's introduced multiple times he believes in this it this transparent that needs to happen across the desire state now senator leno will understand if we vote no it is more important he has our support this is an uphill battle we take plenty of statements and challenges and many, many notions across the
9:39 pm
country we can't continue to be soft on this we must be principled and we must be vote and support that. >> okay roll call vote on the providing we've divided the file not debatable and specifically voting on items 14 through 16 and have a vote on the balboa of the resolution madam clerk call the roll. >> madam president to supervisor peskin in the majority votes against the lines 14 through 16 will be removed from the document. >> it is is it ended. >> thank you madam president we are commending senator leno it is self-evident in this resolution. >> madam clerk. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim no
9:40 pm
supervisor mar no supervisor peskin no supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee no supervisor avalos no supervisor breed supervisor campos no supervisor cowen no there are 4 i's and 7 nose with isor mar supervisor peskin supervisor avalos. supervisor campos and supervisor cowen in the descents okey-dokey that part of the resolution fails >> commissioner peskin i'll make one more resolution line 14 to remove the word further. >> okay. is there a second seconded by supervisor avalos colleagues we'll take that without objection. the mainstreamed passes and on the item as amended with the removal
9:41 pm
ever items 14 to 16 madam clerk call roll supervisor farrell's no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 8 i's and 3 notices with supervisor farrell, supervisor tang in december sentenced the item as amended pass please read item 36 and a resolution to outrage urge the pamela harry's to have a civil right e civil rights investigation into the san francisco police department text message and best practices. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you i'm on a role laura but i'll stop while i'm ahead i want to
9:42 pm
continue this item for one week (laughter) i'll second. >> what's the date april 26th. >> supervisor cowen has made a motion to continue this to april 26th is there a second. >> seconded by madam chair rosales and colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the item will be continued to one welcome back to the meeting of april 26, 2016, item 37. >> a resolution to declare the first tuesday of may every year as the board of supervisors accommodation date in celebration of asian pacific islander american heritage month in recognition of asian pacific islander america americans. >> supervisor mar please add sxhooepz as is co-sponsors and thank you to claude i didn't chang for over the years helping to organize the task force in the steering
9:43 pm
committee things to eileen reilly and others as well as many others that supported this important resolution thank you. >> thank you and please add me as a co-sponsors and madam clerk call the roll. >> on item 37. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen i'd like to be added you're on there. >> okay. great 11 i's thank you the resolution is adopted unanimously thank you very much. >> m call the next item. >>
9:44 pm
item 38 a resolution to commend the golden state warriors for the tying the record for the most victories with 72 wins in the 2015-2016 basketball association wishing the team the best of luck. >> someone asked supervisor tang oh, okay sorry so i guess this is a good amendment to make and our star is passing around the amendment you have the amendments before you hopefully, i will. >> don't we want to wait until they win accident championship. >> if we can add supervisor cohen as a 0 very important. >> can you we divide that oh. >> (laughter). me, too madam clerk >> all right. colleagues
9:45 pm
colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? go without objection this is dwouptd unanimously item 39 an item 39 a resolution to urge the h.r. to remove candidate bias and further department of human services to report by june of 2016 and supervisor tang thank you. we have amendments being passed around on page one line 15 to 20 but like to change the language to be more sensitive in reference to some of the studies so i'd like to thank supervisor avalos for pointing out this out as well as his sponsorship of cooperating in light of that with that colleagues, i hope no questions about that otherwise i recommend our support on the resolution as
9:46 pm
amended. >> thank you to say there a motion to amend. >> motion to amend colleagues without objection without objection it passes unanimously and on the team item as amended same house, same call? without objection the item has amended is adopted unanimously madam clerk to the item 45 item 4 a motion to schedule the board of supervisors to sit as a committee as a whole on may thirds 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in a joint meeting with the san francisco youth commission inform hold a public hearings for the charter amendment for 16 and 17 year-old to vote in the municipal court election for the 2016 and madam president doesn't show in the title argue waving the board rule to go to the rules committee and come straight to the board. >> so madam clerk for clarity
9:47 pm
we need to do that in order to have a discussion. >> the votes on 45 either is unanimous or this is continued a week it is no longer unanimous. >> okay commissioner avalos. >> thank you supervisor president breed and thank you for asking that communities as a whole joint committee with the san francisco youth commission the san francisco go youth commission is really the sponsor of vote 16 and 17 they asked me to carry it to the board of supervisors and to me it is my role to serve as an alial ally they've been working with private and public high schools to recruit the kids to a youth academy to work to
9:48 pm
gather support for vote 16 in about a month ago the board of education had approved unanimously their support for vote 16 as a concept and just lecture the democratic extra committee voted in support of vote 16 a lot of that is young people leading the effort on their advocacy and san francisco is known are for that we have a lot of budget that supports the development of young people young people involved in their advocacy and their own empowerment ignore the youth and communities and that this is before the board of education and before the committees where has been convincing about how
9:49 pm
when you allow young people to have an opportunity to vote they can become more consistent voters ♪ their adult lives general ages between 19 leave home or going to do school or involved in young adulthood they don't at that particular time in voting maybe when they get to 18 but when those first few years of adulthood come through they don't vote consistent until 20s or early 30s if we allow the young people to vote earlier they'll develop a passion and consistency and carry them through their adult years and so want to make sure with the young people have the ability to come before us and a body to serve with the youth
9:50 pm
commission the board of supervisors to help promote many legislation to educate us about young people and their participation in the electric to recall process like our support as a committee as a whole and be glad to have your support >> thank you supervisor avalos commissioner cohen. >> thank you through the chair i have a question to supervisor avalos if i may i was curious between vote 16 and us sit as a committee as a whole the youth commission meets regularly and come for public comment and certainly met with me on issues they're concerned about particularly around the budget i'm confused why it is necessary to sit as a committee as a whole in a joint meeting. >> thank you through the chair so the youth commission as i
9:51 pm
said have asked i carry that legislation with the board of supervisors carry this legislation because they don't have the ability to get an initiative on the ballot as a ally i'm serve the position we've had one committee meeting in the rules committee last year, i building you prarnltd. >> right. >> in that hearing reactually have wanted to make sure that young people can be with us and the youth commission advise the board of supervisors and mayor for the policy through the measure they asked us it is it make sense for a joint committee for the board of supervisors for an unprecedented chapter amendment that extends voting to the ages of 16 and 17 years old in san francisco so it is past that have relationship we have with the youth commission that they're not just advising us but
9:52 pm
a measure they've crafted wears considering before us having that joint committee that joint discussion is worthy of our commissions in san francisco. >> you make it through the chair to madam chair rosales you make an interesting locate i see sitting as a committee with with the planning commission that would be in a very important way to make important decision but not sowing to sit as a committee as whole with the youth commission particularly we've heard this in the rules committee of which i acknowledged being an active participant so i appreciate you're answering my questions
9:53 pm
and thank you for carrying the youth commission water to this body. >> thank you madam chair rosales did you want to speak again. >> my last point that was a request of the youth commission we sit as a community as a whole a joint committee with the youth commission to me they've done so moved so much work to have a youth academy to do the education with the public education it seems like part of progress they each set out to do last year and with a enormous amount of impact at the board of education and the democratic committee and the committees a lot of young people that had had incredible experience their issues about the prarpgsz they feel their whole life is changed
9:54 pm
around by advocating for young people that is like gold that is what we try to do develop those podiums for youth i young people to have this leadership so the ultimate impression expression is that sitting with the legislative body as advisory god body to have a discussion and possibly vote to move on the cheater amendment and that's not clear the commission wants to do that an enormous amount of obstacles with how there will work on the ballot it is important we elevate this to this body to this room and they show how much we value young people in san francisco. >> a show a show support where
9:55 pm
the public's voice can, the strongest and debated and discussed. >> madam chair rosales how many commissioners on the youth commission there are 11 that are appointed by each one of us and there are at least 6 appointed by the mayor we throughout the youth commissioners that are representing our district can sit side by side and have the bolt end whatever that is called it looks like a dug out one of those police radios. >> the expectation, of course, you said like we'll have our say but they'll all be able to speak 0 those who want to speak will be able to speak like those of
9:56 pm
us who want to speak i i guess. >> so we're talking about a lengthy meeting. >> doing the public's work of representing the people in san francisco this is the place to do it and sometimes that it takes time. >> thank you supervisor president breed i think you were getting at look i'll support this today, i think i just want to say we're setting a dangerous measure and commissioner peskin that skips the rules committee and now we're doing this we're user sir, your time is up. >> the rules committee to the rules committee i appreciate it i know the information i enjoy i postponed the commissioner, i enjoy but we'll be doing it went
9:57 pm
and time again to drum up an issue to support you know one view of the measure that is fine but that's been the function at the rules committee we're doing in time and time again i'll support it i appreciate supervisor avalos but i think want to make a statement we shouldn't be doing this going forward and we've done it twice within a few months i'm weary of that. >> seeing none, names on the roster supervisor peskin. >> commissioner farrell your for it but against it going i don't get it. >> he'll vote but he's thinking we're moving in the wrong direction that's what i heard madam clerk. >> supervisor farrell
9:58 pm
supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos councilmember cole no there are 10 eyes with supervisor cowen in the descent i guess madam clerk excuse me - does that mean that fails. >> madam president that item is a motion resolution have to be amaze but recently in the last 6 months it board of supervisors has challenged whether or not months ago have been amaze or whether or not a single member can send a motion to a committee this is as a 10 to one vote is it so up to the body how they want to handle it.
9:59 pm
>> it means it passes 10 to one. >> information. >> point of order i believe last time. >> supervisor wiener my apologies i believe the last time the chair ruled any one member can send a motion to committee supervisor peskin opposed that and the board- it sets and precedent then it will take 6 supervisors to send an item to committee that's sets a precedence that's my understanding. >> madam clerk my understanding if it item didn't passes unanimously it didn't pass i want clarity on that particular point. >> madam president that is a difficult for me to provide an absolute in this instance in years past as supervisor peskin recalls a mission bay member may
10:00 pm
send a motion to committee and has successfully con so as they sends resolutions to committee but that has changed rent controls where you allowed a member of the public member and we're talking about a voted is it possible. >> commissioner avalos. >> point of order is it possible to resend the vote and continue this motion until next week will are allow a majorities vote to the term whether we set it as a committee as a whole two week ago away. >> i'll make this this motion is approved now next. >> okay. so moopt on items 38 my apologies we were moving quickly as he was collecting co-sponsors i failed to get a second for chang's number go changed to the warriors
10:01 pm
document. >> okay. so - >> madam president if you rescinded this vote and captured the second and so moved. >> move forward and supervisor peskin and seconded by supervisor farrell for the vote on item 38 as amended has been rescinded unanimously supervisor tang you're making a motion to amend. >> yes. amend. >> and seconded by supervisor farrell colleagues the amendment without objection that passes unanimously and on the item as to line 38 same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously as amended madam clerk is there at this point can you read the in memoriams. >> i want to be clear
10:02 pm
supervisor avalos. >> thank you. we said the motion passed so this a whole by the third. >> yes. thank you. i appreciate our vote colleagues. >> madam clerk please read the in memoriams. >> supervisor wiener has submit an imperative item. >> oh, supervisor wiener now, first supervisor mar now supervisor wiener with the imperative items. >> it's been a long time. >> i'm giving a hard time that is a resolution declaring to receive gibson day in the city and county of san francisco okay one second a resolution thank you steve disable donaldson in the castro will have his last day in
10:03 pm
castro and a founding magnet that helped san francisco to transformer our approach to hiv care and other health needs of gay and bisexual and transz men i ask for your support in declaring steve gibson day in san francisco. >> so is there another motion to - move this item is purely commendatory okay moved by supervisor farrell and seconded by supervisor wiener (laughter) colleagues can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes unanimously and the second motion is that we need to
10:04 pm
take action came to the attendance after the agenda was posted supervisor wiener moved the item secondedcy supervisor farrell can we take that without objection? without objection that passes unanimously and now i want to open up for public comment for the imperative item anyone wish to comment on item on the specifics of the imperative item members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed on the item colleagues colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? madam president that was 10 to one the previous vote i'll recommend you as a- >> roll call vote. >> in the previous was at unanimous votes for item 38. >> thank you for the clarity supervisor peskin and paying attention colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the imperative item passed unanimously
10:05 pm
all right. madam clerk can you please read the in memoriams. >> madam president none submitted today. >> okay. is there any other items before us today? that concludes our business for today >> leakage we are